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who we are



/ˌdē ˌen ˈā/
a self-replicating material that is present in nearly all living organisms (businesses perhaps) as the main constituent of chromosomes (structure at the center). It is the carrier of genetic information.
If you are what you think…

At the core of Acuerdo, we believe:

  • in the core virtues of courage, wisdom, justice, and temperance

  • that humanity is born for cooperation and constituted for one another

  • adaptability is the core attribute that leads to sustainable success

  • one’s competency & methods must be at the core of all messaging

  • the  journey is transformative, not the destination

  • that our clients mission is our mission

The impediment to
action advances action.
What stands in the way
becomes the way.

Austin, TX

Acuerdo is architected around these core tenets and beliefs. They represent the shared synergy of our founders’ logos and ethos, and the compounding effect of coming from varying backgrounds, education, life experiences, and business tracks. Like DNA, it was a native and natural combination. Like a composite material, stronger than their individual strength.


Our DNA and business model are creating a new way to deliver outcome based experiences for our clients, technology partners, and service alliance partners. In fact, it frames the types of technology and service alliance partners with which we collaborate and invest. Does our DNA make itself into what we deliver? You bet it does, every day, all day.


Our Orchestration model is not a slogan, it is a promise based on a way!

Executive Team

Meet The Team

Frank Rogers

CXO / Co-Founder

Kyle Burt

CTO / Co-Founder